The Australian FIRE Podcast List

If you’re like me, sometimes you can’t find the time to sit down and read a book or an article. 

That’s why podcasts are great!

I listen to podcasts on the way to work or when I’m exercising. It’s a great productivity hack. 

We’re lucking to have so many content creators in the Australian FIRE community willing to share their knowledge through podcasts.

Here at Chatting FIRE, we’re trying to create the complete list of Australian FIRE podcasts. 

Here are the podcasts we’ve discovered so far (in no particular order). If we’ve missed one let us know.

Aussie FireBug

Arguably the most popular podcast in the Australian FIRE community is the Aussie FireBug Podcast. The host of the show is the Aussie FireBug who is very open about his financial position and current investments. Aussie FireBug has had many great guests who are well known in the FIRE scene and has a popular segment “Ask FireBug Fridays” where he answers listener questions.  

What their listeners say: “I was referred to the Aussie Firebug website by a friend and have now gotten into the podcasts. I have have found these podcasts very useful and interesting, especially the interviews with people from companies such as GenLife, Vanguard, Betashares and Peter Thornhill. I’ve also enjoyed listening to other people’s journeys on their way to FIRE. Great job, Aussie Firebug”

Spark your FIRE

Spark your FIRE is great podcast catering to the Financial Independence crowd. The podcast is hosted by Jazz and David, who are both financial professionals in the lending space. Although they tend to favour property investing, there are still healthy discussions on shares and other investment classes.

What their listeners say: “Genuine property investment tips for everyday property investor especially beginners can learn from this, also cover some topics around money management and budgeting to help people plan ahead enable to finance next investment property.”

Fire and Chill

The Fire and Chill podcast is hosted by Dave from Stronger Money Australian and Pat from Life long Shuffle. Both Dave and Pat have a wealth of knowledge about financial independence which is evident through their successful blogs. Dave and Pat chat all things FIRE including saving, investing, spending and lifestyle. 

What their listeners say: Dave and Pat are very good at explaining complex financial concepts for those who are just starting out on the FIRE journey and at the same time keeping it fun and interesting. Would recommend their show to anyone, from novices to those further down the investment track. Good coverage of financial topics so far.

Captain FI Podcast

In 2020 Captain FI, a popular FIRE blogger launched a podcast – The Captain FI Financial Independence Podcast. Captain FI is a pilot and entrepreneur who is living a minimalistic lifestyle while reaching Financial Independence. The Captain FI podcast interview people who have or are on their way to financial independence.

What their listeners say: I really enjoy your content, your humble and easy to relate to, I have fully subscribed and keep refreshing looking forward to your next podcast. Well done mate.

Finance and Fury Podcast 

The Finance and Fury Podcast is a popular financial and investing podcast that releases 3 new episodes each week. On Monday the podcast discusses personal finance, on Wednesday’s listener questions are answered and on Friday’s they discuss misunderstood topics on finance and the economy. With over 300 episodes, you’ll have plenty of content to keep you going.

What their listeners say: I found Finance and Fury podcast recently as I was searching for some more Coronavirus and finance updates. I listen to many podcasts but this guy actually tells it how it is and is not afraid if people don’t like it. He is refreshingly real and raw, there’s no PC BS and he is also very knowledgeable. Looking forward to listening to many more episodes. Thank you and keep up the great work!

The Smart Money Lounge Podcast

The Smart Money Lounge is a podcast created by George, a healthcare professional from Sydney. In 2020 George launched his podcast that supplements his FIRE blog. George interviews investors and entrepreneurs to discover their strategies for success and discusses the FIRE movement.

What podcast do you like? 

While there are hundreds of podcasts that talk about investing and finance, we’re are looking for podcasts made for the FIRE community. If you’ve found a great podcast that’s not on the list, please let us know in the comments below so we can give it a listen and add it to the list.

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