FIRE Down Under

FIRE Down Under is a blog written by an Aussie couple in their 20’s – Mr & Mrs FDU (F.I.R.E. Down Under). 

Mr and Mrs FDU struck up an office romance as they both work for the same company. They’ve been together since December 2018.

Mr and Mrs FDU’s financial circumstances were a bit different when they first met. 

Mrs FDU had an apartment on the outskirts of the Melbourne CBD and had 10k in her offset account. Mr FDU didn’t have any savings and spent his money on things like travel and photography gear.

Mrs FDU works full time in a management position. Mr FDU runs a podcast, a videography business and has a couple of YouTube channels. He also works part-time.

The FIRE Down Under blog has great articles on personal finance and some helpful book reviews. The blog has a clever and unique “Friends” theme!!

Mr and Mrs FDU also share their net worth. As of September 2020, they have reached a net worth of $195,305.46.

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