The rise of robots in Journalism.

Have you ever wondered how some media outlets can write hundreds of articles per day? Or does everything you read start to sound the same? Well, maybe it is because an Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine wrote it. 

Let’s have a closer look at machine-driven writing.

AI writing is common in financial-based content. The machine can use an algorithm to identify financial information and convert it into news stories. For example, the AI machine can review the financial reports of a company. The machine will identify key data points, and convert this into an article. 

Robot writing is more common than you think. The Washington Post produced 850 articles in its first year using AI. Companies are not trying to hide the fact that they use AI. has named theirs “Bertie”

The benefits that have been identified include:

  • Further content for advertisers.
  • Supporting writers with template articles.
  • Fast access to information to readers.

You may be using AI writing without even knowing it. Have you ever used online chat support for a website? If you are reading this in Gmail on your computer, try replying to this email. Chances are Google will what you want to say.

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