The Smart Money Lounge

The Smart Money Lounge is a blog and podcast created by George, a healthcare professional from Sydney. 

George and his wife live frugally and have chosen to reside with his parents to cut out major expenses.

They’re currently invested in Real estate and are taking a slow and steady path to building wealth.

George was determined not to make any costly mistakes while investing and began reading everything he could find. 

Eventually, George came across the FIRE movement and has said the pursuit of financial independence is a truly worthwhile and empowering goal. 

The Smart Money Lounge blog shares the core concepts and calculations for building wealth and reaching financial independence.

The Smart Money Lounge podcast aims to supplement the blog and interviews investors and entrepreneurs to discover their strategies for success.

Oh, George loves coffee and fried chicken – Great combination!!

Where you can find The Smart Money Lounge.




Interested in Financial Independence Retire Early? Join the discussion at Chatting FIRE forum.

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