How I Track my Share Portfolio with Sharesight

How I track my portfolio with Sharesight.

I, like many investors, have been using spreadsheets to track my portfolio for years.

My spreadsheet was messy, clunky and just didn’t perform.

But a couple of years ago I discovered Sharesight, and it’s a game-changer!

Sharesight is an award-winning portfolio tracker that tracks your investment performance, dividends and growth. Sharesight also produces taxable income reports with the click of a button!

How I use Sharesight

I import my trades directly into Sharesight by uploading my trade confirmation into Sharesight. You can also manually enter trades:

Import Trades

Once all my holdings are in Sharsight, I can view my portfolio returns over my desired period.

Example Portfolio in Sharesight

I can also see a break down of my holdings:

Example Portfolio in Sharesight


Thinking of a new investment? Sharsight has a share checker where you can run hypothetical investments to see your investment would have returned.

In this example, I wanted to see what would have happened if I invested $10,000 in VTS 10 years ago.

Example Portfolio in Sharesight


Sharesight is free for users with less than 10 holdings. They have affordable plans if you have more than 10 holdings or want access to multiple portfolios, enhanced reports and extended integrations.

Want 4 months free?

If you want to give Sharesight a try, I have a special deal for our community. Sharesight is offering 4 months free if you sign up!

I’ve been a customer of Sharesight for years and genuinely loves the product. We would never recommend anything that we don’t love. If you make a purchase with Sharesight, Investing Discussion may receive a benefit, this does not cost you anything and you may get a better deal.

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