The 7 Best Investing Podcasts in Australia

We’ve found the best investing podcasts in Australia, to find out why we love them so much. Keep reading on.

If you’re interested in investing then this is for you! I love learning from other investors and hearing their stories, but sometimes I cant sit down and read a book or an article. What can I do when I’m driving to work or going for a run? I can listen to podcasts.

I’ve been listening to podcasts for years and have witnessed their rise to popularity. Recent studies show that more than 1.6 million Australians listen to podcasts regularly. With such a large audience, there is now a wealth of information and unlimited listening potential. 

With all this choice, how do you find a good podcast without wasting your time? To help you discover what investing podcasts should be on your playlist, Hunger Daily has compiled our favourite investing podcasts that focus on the Australia market (In no particular order):

The Property Couch

The Property Couch is hosted by Ben Kingsley and Bryce Holdaway, both keen investors who have built an award-winning business around property investing. While they have a self-admitted ‘bias’ to residential property investing, their podcast also provides great insights on money management. The Property Couch has an educational focus and they dive deep into helpful topics. It’s recommended that you start listening from episode 1 so you can build on the knowledge built in each episode. 

What their listeners say: “I discovered the property couch a few months ago and I have been binge listening to episodes from episode 1 to try get up to date. The free content that they offer is second to none and the lessons learnt are priceless. I also love the banter and sports talk. Keep up the good work”

Aussie FireBug

If you haven’t heard if the FIRE movement, then let me explain. FIRE has gained massive popularity over recent years and stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early. You typically reach FIRE when your investments cover your living expenses and you no longer need to rely on working for a paycheque. Arguably the most popular podcast in the Australian FIRE community is the Aussie FireBug Podcast. The host of the show is the elusive “Aussie FireBug” who keeps his real identity unknown because he is very open about his financial position and current investments. Aussie FireBug has had many great guests who are well known in the FIRE scene and he regularly answers listener questions.  

What their listeners say: “I was referred to the Aussie Firebug website by a friend and have now gotten into the podcasts. I have have found these podcasts very useful and interesting, especially the interviews with people from companies such as GenLife, Vanguard, Betashares and Peter Thornhill. I’ve also enjoyed listening to other people’s journeys on their way to FIRE. Great job, Aussie Firebug”

Smart Property Investment

The Smart Property Investment (SPI) podcast is another highly recommended property investing podcast. The SPI podcast is more story-focused and they regularly interview property investors who have large portfolios, or just beginning their journey. The Guest story is explored in depth by the host, Phill Tarrant. The show has recently begun introducing more educational content on topics such as commercial property investing. What’s unique about this podcast is that it’s built around the shows own multi-million dollar property portfolio. Tarrant regularly explores the numbers behind their portfolio with the help of his accountant and buyers agent/advisor. 

What their listeners say: “The open conversation about a real portfolio helps me understand in further detail how I should be looking at my own portfolio. It prompts me to ask better questions and shapes how I think about my next actions. Very informative and highly educational. Thank you ”

Equity Mates

If you’re after a fresh and fun investing podcast check out Equity Mates. As the name suggests, Equity Mates has a focus on the Share Market, but they also explore personal finance. The hosts, Bryce and Alec provide entertaining yet informative breakdown’s on both simple and more advanced investing topics. The show features some pretty amazing guest, including a recent well-known guest – former PM Malcolm Turnbull who was surprisingly open about his investing journey.

What their listeners say: “Equity Mates is such an informative and entertaining finance and business Podcast. Bryce and Alec interview such knowledgeable people and I learn so much with each show. They make the serious world of investing interesting and fun.”

Spark your FIRE

Spark your FIRE is another great podcast catering to the Financial Independence (FIRE) crowd. The podcast is hosted by Jazz and David, who are both financial professionals in the lending space. What I like about the Spark your fire podcast is although they tend to favour property investing, there are still healthy discussions on shares and other investment classes.

What their listeners say: “Genuine property investment tips for everyday property investor especially beginners can learn from this, also cover some topics around money management and budgeting to help people plan ahead enable to finance next investment property.”

Australian Investors Podcast

The Australian Investors Podcast is hosted by Owen Raszkiewicz, a financial analyst and the founder of Rask Australia, a financial education and investment research company. The Australian Investors Podcast regularly conducts interviews with well known and highly regarded guests in the investment space. I enjoy how deep the guest go by sharing their journeys which are complemented by the host’s great interviewing skills. It’s hard to hit pause on this podcast.

What their listeners say: “Great Australian investing podcast with interesting interviews with a variety of fund managers. The interviewer asks questions that allow his subjects to respond in-depth and insightfully. Highly recommend to Australians looking to learn different investment strategies.”

Motley Fool Money Australia

Motley Fool is considered a leader in Investment news and their podcast Motley Fool Money lives up to the expectations. The podcast features the latest news in the sharemarket from Australia and around the globe. They have some great guest on the show and regularly answer listener questions through their ‘mailbag extra’ shows. As an avid podcast listener, What I love about Motley Fool Money is they release an episode every couple of days.

What their listeners say: “Wonderful balanced insight from two of the best in the business. This is the podcast you can not afford to not listen to. Don’t need to have an MBA to understand, and provides insights that will help you in your financial freedom. While keeping things fun and enjoyable from some witty banter. Happy listening.”

What podcast do you like? 

While there are hundreds of podcasts that talk about investing in property and share markets, these are some of our favourites. If you’ve found a great investing podcast that’s not on the list, please let us know so we can give it a listen. 

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