Case Closed on $270k Gold Mine Heist

Case Closed on $270k Gold Mine Heist

It might sound like something out of a movie, but this isn’t the Italian Job. It’s a good old fashioned Gold Heist.

Back in April 2020, a gold mine in the Goldfields-Esperance District (Western Australia) was broken into. The offenders got away with about $270,000 worth of raw gold ore and a two tonne safe. 

They also stole a front-end loader and used it to load a safe onto a vehicle. The crew made off with the Gold and three vehicles from the site.

The case was investigated by Australia’s only dedicated Gold Investigation unit – The Gold Stealing Detection Unit, who has been in business for over 100 years and regularly investigates gold mine theft.

The Gold Stealing Detection Unit had a break in the case when police received reports of suspicious activity and explosions in bushland between Kambalda and Kalgoorlie. Police attended and were able to locate one of the vehicles and the stolen safe. The safe was still intact.

In a Media Relases, Chris King of the Gold Stealing Detection Unit said they used a process called “Gold Fingerprinting” to link the recovered items to the theft in April. 

He also said they conducted a number of search warrants and found gold at four different locations, which he believed came from the mine theft in April.

Three males have been arrested and charged with offences including Aggravated Burglary and Stealing, three counts of Steal Motor Vehicle and Criminal Damage.

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