Discover how much a billion dollars is in Australia AUD

Just how much is a billion dollars? Or even a trillion dollars?… We find out in Australian currency.Table Of Contents

Dollarydoos, pineapple, dough, moolah – these are some of our favourite ways to refer to boring old money. Whatever you want to call it, we like spending it! In the 2019 Christmas period, Aussies spent about $10.7 Billion on gifts for our friends and family (I got socks). 

We shouldn’t feel too bad about how much we spent on Grandma or little Jimmy. That’s just chump change compared to how much the Australian Government Spends. As of March 2020, the Gross Australian Government Debt was $551.75 Billion!

That’s a lot of debt! But there’s some good news, the total market capitalization of Australian Shares on the stock exchange is about $1.3 Trillion, making our exchange the 15th largest in the world. 

All this talk of moolah doesn’t mean to much. It’s hard to picture just how big $1 million is. The average Aussie annual wage is a little bit over $48k. Well, let’s find out just how big a million, a billion and even a trillion is. Thanks to the crew at Page Tutor.


We’ll start with a good old fashioned $100 bill. Enough cash almost cover your Netflix subscription for the year.  

The Australian $100 bill comes in at 15.8cm x 6.5xm x 0.0014cm. If you stacked 100 on top of each other neatly, the pile would be 1.4cm thick and you’ll have yourself $10,000… Or a nice trip to Hawaii.

We’re going to find out what happens when you keep stacking $100 bills together:

$1,000,000 / $1 Million

Now we’re talking about some serious dough! You could almost buy a modest house in Sydney with $1 Million. But if you went to the bank to withdraw it…you’ll be seriously unimpressed! You could store a million dollars in a shoebox, and still have room for your Nike’s.

$100,000,000 / $100 Million

This is real “f**k-you” money. That’s the type of cash that people dream about. And it’s a lot more exciting to look at! You’re going to need to stop by Bunnings and pick up a pallet to store this type of wealth. If you want to blow it all at once, you could buy yourself a Super Yacht, like this one.

$1,000,000,000 / $1 Billion

So how much is a billion dollars? Well, there’s a lot of zeros! We’re going to need ten pallets for all this cash. Anyone who has this type of cash is part of a small group. Australia has about 34 people with ten pallets or one Billion dollars. Australia’s richest person Gina Rinehart has nearly 150 pallets of cash. 

$1,000,000,000,000 / $1 Trillion 

Is that number made up? This amount of cash is starting to get stupid. If you look close you will see the little speck in the bottom left. That’s a person! The pallets are also stacked two high. You’ll need a decent sized warehouse to store this. If you happen to stumble upon this amount of wealth, you could purchase 2/3 of Apple, who has a current market cap of $1.5 Trillion.

So now you know just how much is a billion dollars. However, In case we’re slightly off, please do your own measurements before purchasing vaults or warehouses.

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