How to find lost money in Australia

I think everyone would like to find an extra $50… Maybe more or less. Well, there is one place you should go looking to see if there’s some money for you.

Companies and organisations are meant to give any money they owe back to customers. But what happens if they can’t find them? What happens if you changed your name or address and a company cant find you? Do they get to keep your money? No, they have to report it to the government, who will hold it for you.

It gets even better, you can easily search for this money and see what you can find. All you have to do is go to the unclaimed money department for your state.

How to find lost money in your state:

I was a bit curious and wanted to know who might be owed some money. So I started searching and slowly came across Australian actor Margot Robbie. It turns out she is owed $93.95 from the Queensland Police Service from 2012. The postcode seems right – she did live in Southport! Does anybody have her number? I would like to let her know!

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