Is termite damage covered by insurance?


Termite damage is not generally covered by your home, contents or landlord insurance policy. 

Termite activity, if left un-noticed or un-treated can cause significant damage to your home. Some studies suggest that the average damage caused by termites is cost $10,000 to repair. 

That’s a pretty big bill! But why won’t insurance cover termite damage?

Termites are classed as an insect. In the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), you will notice that most insurance policy will exclude damage caused by animals, insects, rodents and vermin. 

Here is an exert from Suncorp’s home insurance PDS:

“But we do not cover loss or damage caused by insects, vermin or rodents (some limited exceptions apply)… But we will cover damage caused by an animal (except insects, vermin or rodents) which becomes accidentally trapped inside your home or unit and which does not belong to you or anyone living at the insured address”

Home insurance is generally there to protect you from unexpected and events. Insurance companies do not class termite damage as unexpected or accidental because termite damage does not happen overnight.  

Homeowners need to take a proactive approach to protect their home from termites. You can’t rely on your insurance company to when it’s too late.

Termite damaged does not happen overnight and with regular inspections, maintenance and preventative measures, you can protect your home from termite damage.

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