Lab-grown diamonds are big business.

I know what your thinking…cubic zirconias. Wrong. Lab-grown diamonds are not fake and they are starting to take over the 14 billion dollar diamond industry. Customers are also becoming more environmentally and morally aware of the impact of the diamond trade.

The only difference between traditional earth mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds are the origin. It is believed that earth mined diamonds are created when carbon dioxide is buried deep beneath the earth’s surface. It is exposed to extreme heat and pressure then brought to the surface through deep volcanic explosions. 

In a lab, a machine is used to create a similar environment for diamonds to grow. There are two common methods. Pressure-High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).

Lab-grown diamonds have all the chemical and physical properties of mined diamonds. They also offer a cheaper alternative and you can be sure they have a clean origin

 It is reported that lab-grown diamonds now account for roughly 280-420 million dollars of diamond sales per year.  

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